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Gerald Mclean is a highly experienced and well-published creative architectural photographer who works internationally. Gerald’s choice of architecture as his specialized subject was determined by his apprenticeship to architectural photographer John Maltby and his desire to portray that which he perceives to be constructive in our lives – both literal and abstract. Architecture; and the elements from which it is composed provide Gerald with the ideal subject with which to transform those elements into salient pictorial form. In experimenting with the new shapes that present themselves, he has realized artistic confidence controlling the fundamentals of architectural form; line, mass, space and proportion. International assignments have helped Gerald to photograph buildings from unusual standpoints; to stress those aspects, which communicate the driving aesthetic behind each building to the viewer, without losing the integrity of the architect’s design.


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Shooting People

Resistance is Futile

Tr­ying to make a point, whilst avoiding the truth. That’s how explanations of why I specialise in photographing architecture at times reads to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I remain an advocate that Architecture embodies the best of human achievements, which for the most part is tangible and visible to the masses. That it has the unique ability to alter the way we perceive and project ourselves, changing our behaviour. However, personal introspection may hold the key.

Despite my outward persona, I’m possibly introverted.

Might it be that I specialise in photographing architecture because with a 5”x 4” technical camera one uses a dark-cloth, which must be draped over the head to see the inverted image on the ground-glass screen. A practice I extend to my digital photography. Here beneath the cloth; in my ‘safe-space’, I hide in plain sight and make the camera my buffer and the dark-cloth my ‘cloak of invisibility’. Yet, I can’t remain under the cloth.

So, having completed a masters, this time in documentary photography / photojournalism, I begin to photograph my nemesis, ‘People’. Now I prefer to classify myself as a ‘PhotoDocumentarist’ as I broaden my practice of architectural photography and admit’, I’m a detached societal voyeur that shares.

By the way’; it turns out I’m really good at it.


Triptych in the series ‘The Cycle of Observation’ taken at greenwich Penisular. All photographs are taken at once using wireless trigger.