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As a photo-documentarist I specialise in scapes and offer local and international location photography using the latest technology to produce the finest images as well as offering B2B video footage.

My approach is to view each image produced not purely as information but also as art. As such I approach each assignment not as a job but as a project. Thus, the end result for my clients are images that are not only informative but images that people can display as art and interest.

“Gerald Mclean is a highly experienced and well-published creative architectural photographer who works internationally. Gerald’s choice of architecture as his specialized subject was determined by his apprenticeship to architectural photographer John Maltby and his desire to portray that which he perceives to be constructive in our lives – both literal and abstract. Architecture; and the elements from which it is composed provide Gerald with the ideal subject with which to transform those elements into salient pictorial form. In experimenting with the new shapes that present themselves, he has realized artistic confidence controlling the fundamentals of architectural form; line, mass, space and proportion. International assignments have helped Gerald to photograph buildings from unusual standpoints; to stress those aspects, which communicate the driving aesthetic behind each building to the viewer, without losing the integrity of the architect’s design”.


Works of John Maltby and Gerald Mclean can be obtained from


From past exhibitions and publications, I offer my personal selection of images as prints for use in interior office or public spaces to B2B clients. I produce the highest quality prints on all types of art paper including reproductions on canvas and limited editions.

Thanks to my post production team, we can supply images faster.

Our scans and post-production are of the highest quality, whether it’s a single scan or a million plus.

I can repair old film images, rebalance colour issues and create outstanding digital images with added backgrounds.

We can provide digital asset management systems for license or purchase. We can also create bespoke systems with marketplace functionality.