360vr photography/video

Use your mouse or move your mobile device to view a full 360 images. Alternatively, video and photographs can be viewed in VR!

The all-inclusive view of 3600 video and still images provide a visual understanding of an exterior or interior space, unlike any other medium.

Images may be viewed on mobile devices or computers using their interactive features. Or you can choose to lose yourself within the image when viewed on a VR headset.

Aerial (drone) interior photograph of Mercedes-Benz Oman showroom taken using drone to achieve height and position. Architects Huckle & Partners

Mercedez-Benz car showroom Muscat, Oman; by Huckle & Partners – Muscat.

360 video of a live construction site, recorded on consumer 360 camera.
360 view of a live construction site.

360 view of the Royal Opera House Muscat main foyer – ROHM

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