3d photography/video

3D imagery is a growing area of visual communication that clients remember and adds a splash of depth to presentations. So why not add a sense of realism to your project with 3D-180 or 360 videos and photographs.

The effect of 3D images, moving or still, requires an understanding of the medium to achieve the best, most dramatic results.

That’s where geraldmclean, a trained and proven Architectural and construction photographer, excels

3D stereoscopic photography of construction worker on live site
Mobile phone VR headset
VR imagery can be viewed using simple methods and devices like mobile phone VR headsets (from under £20.00)
Oculus Quest 2
Alternatively, use dedicated VR ‘Stand-a-lone’ or ‘Tethered’ headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2

Images are produced using high-end professional 3D and 360 equipment to consumer-level cameras, dependent on intended use image quality and requirements

Whatever your needs, we can advise you and supply the hardware needed.
3D 180-degree video of lifting equipment in use on active construction site. Videos may also be viewed in 3D via youtube VR channel using 3D capable equipment. (https://youtu.be/6u9tCzNEm0k) or (https://youtu.be/JuhUZL6G6gA)
3D stereoscopic photography of construction lifting equipment in use on live site

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