The Wave, Muscat, Oman

Going Off-Shore

The Wave Muscat, Oman, an off-shore luxury apartment, villa, hotel, and leisure complex, is the first of such in the Sultanate. This Middle Eastern off-shore land reclamation project model was first piloted in Dubai, one of the member states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They serve a number of functions meant to appease all parties.

The Wave, Muscat, Oman

In such a setting, nothing feels like work.



Of course, they offer the willing buyer the opportunity to have a holiday home within Arabia that assimilate the dream of the Indies and produce investment opportunities for those with expendable income. But without question the biggest ideal accomplished here is containment.

The Idea of westerners being able to buy land on the mainland within Arab states, including Oman, is considered undesirable, and although citizens of other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) are allowed to buy land and build homes on the mainland, indigenous people and governments wish to retain restraint to full integration with non-Arabs. So having the properties built off-shore allows a great degree of and control, and in cases of interference, isolation leading to expulsion.

The Wave, Muscat,

Just when you think you’re exclusive, you realize you’re contained. But then, some never do.

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