The Synchronized Polyptych

In the age of manipulated content, what prerequisites should be applied to evidential imagery that the viewer may define the veracity of actuality?

The ‘Cycle of Observation’ is: confirmation of actuality through content and is presented in differing views as a polyptych. 

08 - Lobby_1
The Synchronized Polyptych. Taken at RIBA Great Portland Street, London. All photographs are taken at once using wireless trigger
The Layered Synchronized Polyptych. See/read more here

The Synchronized Motion Polyptych – The dialectical discourse of converging views concerning a singular narrative of a moment in space and time.

The Synchronized Motion Polyptych – Collecting Ian Watts

The presentation of the ‘Synchronized Motion Polyptych’ is in the form of an 2×2 matrix whereby the placement of the various viewpoints are disassembled to create a fragmented whole to subvert future memory (expectation). Thus encouraging viewer engagement with the individual viewpoints, stimulating memory to combine the information in deciphering the narrative.

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